Zumba And Related Work Outs


Zumba has quickly risen to be one of the most prominent types of work outs in the world right now; and for good reason. There are numerous advantages of zumba that range from physical benefits like weight loss to mental benefits like improving an individual’s confidence and raising the person’s self esteem. Invented in the 90’s by a Colombian dancer, it incorporates the art of dancing and the art of aerobics and most of the dancing inspirations are mainly taken from Latin dancing. During a study conducted, over fourteen million individuals in over one hundred and seventy four countries are known to be engaged in this dance form. Usually lasting for an hour or less, the training is done by individuals who are trained and well versed in the art of Zumba.

Unlike Golden Sands belly dancing, zumba focuses on exercising the entire body and merges rapid and slow dancing motions and even infuses resistance exercises for a complete whole body exercise. It also has the added benefit of increasing the social interaction as you tend to meet like-minded people at zumba sessions. Another similar dance slash work out regime is belly dance. A dance move that focuses mostly on the abdomen region of a woman’s body it is great for ladies who want to tone down their bodies and strengthen the muscles of the middle body region. It also makes for a good career choice for those who excel at the art of it.

Many event organizers look for belly dancers for hire to keep the guests occupied and mesmerized for a certain amount of time. For those on the lookout for a complete full body work out, Zumba makes for a better choice. Zumba is a high intense work out that keeps a body at top gear throughout the session and can burn between three hundred and fifty to six hundred and fifty calories. Of course this amount can depend on various factors like the age of the individual, sex and most importantly the force of the work out. It is also known to vastly increase the endurance levels of a person. The vigorous hour long classes done on a regular basis will get your body used to rapid work outs thus increasing the endurance levels of the body. As Zumba combines many South American dance moves that are renowned for their unwonted moves, it increases the flexibility of an individual and helps him or her overcome posture issues and reduces the stress present in joints and other muscles. All of these benefits also improve the self-confidence of an individual.